Let me tell you a story......


“It was bird-like, about six inches long, with small black wings and six arms – or were those legs? Tentacles? They moved like tentacles. It has a slightly elongated snout, and where it’s eyes would have been were three glistening green orbs.”

*short story *horror *dystopian *CW: death of a child

~A Woman of Good Manners~


“It is a universal truth that a man of good fortune must be in want of a wife, and Jayne set  her sights on Edward, despite his reputation for being of a most disagreeable character.”

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*flash fiction*horror*historical *CW: violence against women

~ From Stars to Stardust~

*flash fiction *folklore *origin story *wholesome  *CW: none

“Listen up children, speak not a word, and I’ll tell you the story of Mother Earth. Gather round the fire, sit quiet, and mind the wee ones don’t get close to the flame.”

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~The Witch of the Wood~


“Twas Father McDormand who first accused me of dancing naked with the devil in the wood.”

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*micro fiction *historical *supernatural elements

Take a Walk on The Wild Side

“Doris was a drag. She knew this because Bernie told her so. Not only was she a drag, but she wasn’t very pretty, and she wasn’t very smart, and she was damn lucky to have landed a guy like him”

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*flash fiction *historical *LBGT *humorous *CW: sexual inuendo

~Three Tickets to Telluride ~

“When Jaspers bare feet touched that metal plate and he pulled the lever – Hooo-weee! His body got all stiff-like, his face contorted something awful, and his hair just about stood up on end.”

*short story *caper *historical fiction *humorous -*CW: death, drug use, sexual inuendo


“Dr. Lowry says the community garden is mandatory, not because they need the food — they charge enough to afford any organic imaginable — but because it instills a sense of shared purpose.”

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*micro fiction *dramatic  *CW: sexual abuse, implied

~The Bones~

“The bones were never wrong; not just the ones she kept in the small velvet pouches tucked away in the heavy Mahogany trunk Maman had given her, but her own bones, the one that had carried her flesh since birth, and would one day carry her to her grave.”

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*flash fiction *horror *ladies of horror flash project *CW: none

~When Jacob Comes Calling~

“It was a heavy handed knock, a tightly closed fist that landed on the wooden door with the force of a well muscled arm. It was the knock of a man who had business with those on the other side, and would not be deterred.”

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*flash fiction *horror *ladies of horror flash project *CW: none

~A Good Girl~

“The early morning had mostly dissipated, but a vestige still clung to the tight grouping of trees that dotted the edge of the wood just past the clearing. As I looked I saw a what appeared to be a spectral figure bating in white light step forward, beckon, and then retreat back into the thicket.”

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*flash fiction *horror *historical *ladies of horror flash project *CW: none

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